A collection of easy narrative essay topics

A narrative essay can tell an interesting and exciting story creating an intense and striking picture in the readers mind. You might think that you have lived a boring life and don’t have a story to tell, but any story can be a good story if you know how to write it. Here are some narrative essay ideas to inspire you to write something thrilling. Otherwise you can purchase essays online and save lots of time.

  • What has been your most interesting life lesson? Describe the process that led you to this.
  • Who have you met that changed your life? Describe that event.
  • Talk about something funny that has happened to you.
  • Describe a sad experience that has taken place in your life.
  • Talk about an act of kindness that you displayed to someone. How did it make you and the person feel?
  • Describe a time that you stood up for something that you were passionate about.
  • Describe a time when you have rebelled against your parents or a teacher and the moment you realised that they were right after all.
  • Write about a misunderstanding that you had with another person, how was this issue resolved?
  • Talk about a difficult decision that you have had to make and what led you to your final decision.
  • Write about the end of a relationship or a friendship, why did it end and how did it benefit you.
  • Discuss a time when you have judged someone incorrectly. How and when did you realise that your initial judgement was incorrect.
  • Describe the moment that you realised you were no longer the same person you were a few years prior. What do you think was responsible for that change?
  • Describe a dangerous experience that you have had, e.g.: an accident or a near accident.
  • What are your core belief systems, what events in your life have been responsible for leading you to these ideologies.
  • Most people remember where they were and what they were doing the moment September the 11th happened. Describe your experience at this moment and how it made you feel.

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If you hope to come up with a solid and strong piece of written discourse, you have to follow by heart the factors and techniques shared above. All these shall help you enjoy the entire writing process.

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